How to Prepare a Non-Fiction Manuscript for Publication

by Charles Seper


While talking about manuscript preparation with a fellow writer, it was brought to my attention how difficult it is to find any useful web pages concerning this topic that showed actual examples from manuscripts in their original format. I hope these web pages will benefit up-and-coming authors in figuring out the submission process as regards to formatting. I'm going to post scanned pages from my first book submission from the cover letter all the way to the endnotes. While some people may do things slightly different most submissions will look very similar to mine. Every publisher has their own guidelines to the submission process, especially regarding the way footnotes/endnotes are handled, so always contact them to find this out beforehand. They will often have this information published somewhere on their website. Of course, if you're writing fiction, footnotes probably won't be a consideration. If you're a teacher, feel free to copy the images from these formatting examples to show your students.

The Cover Letter

Title Page

The Preface or Foreword

Preface Part Two



Chapters Part Two


Endnotes Part Two