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(My complete GMD bio/commentary is here).



On this page you will mostly find photographs and some odd miscellaneous items that didn't fit into any other category, or that were leftovers. Remember, there are also a few photographs in the book that you won't find here nor anywhere else (or at least not likely).


Desktop Wallpaper
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George MacDonald - 1862, Right-Click To Download
George MacDonald
Novalis - Date Unknown, Right-Click To Download
C.S. Lewis - Date Unknown, Right-Click To Download
C.S. Lewis
Charles Williams - Age 49, Right-Click To Download
Charles Williams
G.K. Chesterton - Date Unknown, Right-Click To Download
G.K. Chesterton

Family Pictures
Angela and Caroline Powell, Click to Enlarge
Louisa MacDonald's sisters - Angela and Caroline Powell
Charlotte Powell, Click to Enlarge
Louisa MacDonald's sister - Charlotte Powell
George MacDonald Senior - 1822, Click to Enlarge
George MacDonald Senior - 1822
Helen Mackay - Age 23, Click to Enlarge
George MacDonald's cousin - Helen MacKay, Age-23
James Powell - Age 86, Click to Enlarge
Louisa MacDonald's father - James Powell, Age-86
Louisa MacDonald - 1885, Click to Enlarge
Louisa MacDonald - 1885
George MacDonald - 1880, Click to Enlarge
George MacDonald - 1880
George and Louisa MacDonald - 1901, Click to Enlarge
George and Louisa on their golden anniversary - 1901

Richard Watson Gilder - 1873, Click to Enlarge
 Richard Watson Gilder - 1873
Lord Alfred Tennyson - Date Unknown, Click to Enlarge
Poet - Alfred, Lord Tennyson, photographed by Lewis Carroll
Robert Browning, Date Unknown, Click to Enlarge
Poet - Robert Browning

Lecture Tour Ship
The only known photo of the SS Malta is on the Lecture Tour page.
Here are two drawings of her however, and one photo of her sister ship - the SS Tarifa.

SS Malta - Date Unknown, Click to Enlarge
SS Malta
SS Malta shipwrecked - 1889, Click to Enlarge
SS Malta shipwrecked - 1889
SS Tarifa - Date Unkown, Click to Enlarge
SS Tarifa

Odds and Ends

The big room at Casa Coraggio, Click to Enlarge
Sketch of the big room at Casa Coraggio by Irene Macdonald
Broadlands left front, Click to Enlarge
The Cowper-Temple's mansion - Broadlands, where George MacDonald, John Ruskin, and several others gave lectures
The drawing room at Broadlands, Click to Enlarge
Drawing room at Broadlands still much the way it looked in MacDonald's day
Group at Broadlands - Date Unknown, Click to Enlarge
19 century group at Broadlands; exact date & people are unknown
Fair Rosamond by Lewis Carroll, Click to Enlarge
Photo titled: "Fair Rosamond" by Lewis Carroll; these may be two of MacDonald's children
George MacDonald's emblem, Click to Enlarge
George MacDonald's emblem
 munros_studio.jpg (44095 bytes)
Alexander Munro's studio where Lewis Carroll first met the MacDonald children
E.T.A. Hoffmann's tombstone, Click to Enlarge
Gravesite of E.T.A. Hoffmann (note he changed his third name from Wolfgang to Amadeus though the tombstone does not reflect this)
Japanese edition of North Wind, Click to Enlarge
Japanese edition of North Wind
Blackfriars Church, Click to Enlarge
Blackfriar's Church (also known as Old College Church) where George and his brother Charles attended for a time in young adulthood

Sound Files
There is no known audio or film of George MacDonald, however; there are some of his friends and admirers

G.K. Chesterton on YouTube

Hear segments from all four of the only known sound recordings ever made by Chesterton

You can now buy all four of the Chesterton recordings on one CD:

The Complete GK Chesterton

You can also get Chesterton's entire recording of "The Spices of Life" on CD at CDBaby and CDConnection among other places

C.S. Lewis on YouTube

Speaking about his friend and fellow MacDonald admirer, Charles Williams

Alfred, Lord Tennyson MP3

Reciting his poem, The Charge of the Heavy Brigade" - date 1890; barely discernable

Robert Browning MP3

Reciting from his poem - "How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix", recorded at a dinner party given by Browning's friend, the artist Rudolf Lehmann - date 1889; barely discernable; George MacDonald may very well be among those attending and we may be hearing his voice among the cheering crowd at the end


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